WARP ZONE is about a person (me) buying an old game development workstation at a goodwill and getting sucked into da puter digimon style. That's the whole story!

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Every sunday, you can tune into WARP ZONE on Cable Two to watch a variety of games be played (to varing degrees of success) by resident computer wizard of Cable Two, Nullcasting (me). During the beginning and end of every show, you can interact with the warp zone by using 'warp!' commands, to do things like learn about the music being played and to wish on shooting pieces of data (stars). The interactive intro (also referred to as warp zone, sorry) is currently under development! Me and two programming buddies of mine are planning on making it bigger and better than ever, including (and i am not shitting you here) an online tie-in browser game. This is going to take several months of development time to even set up + funds to pay the almighty software gods, so if you'd be so inclined to support this development, please consider subscribing to CableTwo on twitch. Alternatively, you can join my 'netizen' tier on Ko-Fi, and get access to the development server! I post pngs in there.